New Napper Soft sof cone Diaper

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 New Napper Soft sof cone  Diaper

The new Napper Soft Embrace have been designed to respond to moms comfort and dry requests for their babies.
Napper is the most anatomical, fit, dry and absorbent diaper for your baby to wear.

We have eliminated excess cellulose, without reducing the absorbent capacity of the diaper. Napper also contributes to greater protection of the environment.

Specification of  New Napper Soft sof cone  Diaper

The Napper nappy line, with its distinctive packaging featuring the loveable Baby Looney Tunes characters, is one of our consumer favorites thanks to its high levels of performance, comfort and absorbency that keep baby’s skin dry.
Soft and compact, the new Napper leaves your baby dry and pampered as if in a soft warm embrace. Yours!

Elastic tape

Super absorbent layer

"Sure cuffs" anti-leak barriers - prevent pee from going out and wetting clothes or cots.

Soft and breathable outer tissue

Suitable for babies from 15Kg-30Kg


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